Purple Daydream: Manasi 7 Heliotrope All Over Color

  Scandinavian simplicity and quality converge in Manasi 7. My Swedish roots are absolutely tickled opening the sturdy, recycled packaging. The delicate printed label that adorns the box notates the 7 ways their company is different, and I’m absolutely delighted. The Principles of Manasi 7 Slow: small-scale production at a sustainable pace Select: curated ingredients and shades made in small batches to ensure premium quality … Continue reading Purple Daydream: Manasi 7 Heliotrope All Over Color


  Something I am working to do more of; actively seek out companies who have sustainable sourcing and strong ethical practices. Those requirements intersect in LXMI (pronounced LUXE-ME). The entire line is built around the prized ingredient, nilotica (NILE-oh-TEE-CA). It’s an incredibly rare form of shea butter that grows near the Nile Valley with a composition of 25% higher essential fatty acids than shea butter … Continue reading LXMI