FarmHouse Fresh

  FarmHouse Fresh. The name conjures up memories of weekends of my youth spent in various parts of the hill country in Texas. That alone makes me feel nostalgic, but the products even more so. With names like Sweet Tea, and Blackberry Wine, what’s not to love about this charming line? It is southern elegance and hospitality wrapped into pretty little glass jars and stamped … Continue reading FarmHouse Fresh

Glow up with Kypris: Antioxidant Dew & Beauty Elixir II

Holy GLOW, Batman! Kypris does not disappoint. Let me just start with that. From the very first application of Antioxidant Dew, it immediately brightened and hydrated my skin. I swatched it on my hand before applying it to my face to see if there was an immediate effect, and sure enough all the little lines on the top of my hand were plump and smooth! Delighted, I … Continue reading Glow up with Kypris: Antioxidant Dew & Beauty Elixir II

Butter & Me Haul

    Butter & Me…the name alone makes me happy. It’s a cheery little company hailing from Colorado that specializes in body and skincare products that prioritize the use of shea butter. I love that their packaging is made from 100% post consumer recycled goods, too! First up: Pure cleanse. This body wash is made with a large concentration of oils to moisturize your skin, … Continue reading Butter & Me Haul

Oh, How You’ll Glow: Clove+Hallow Hydraglow

It’s no secret that I love a good highlighter. Personally, I am a fan of the lit from within look rather than full on disco, but that’s just me. So when Clove + Hallow launched their highlighter Hydraglow that can be applied on top of your makeup but also mixed into your base, I was intrigued! I haven’t seen many true liquid highlighters, and this … Continue reading Oh, How You’ll Glow: Clove+Hallow Hydraglow

little barn Apothecary: passion fruit+rose enzymatic exfoliant mask

Long long ago, I used to scour my face with an apricot scrub. I rubbed so hard, my skin would be angry, red, and shining, mostly because I took off several layers in a matter of minutes. Not exactly a good idea. I’ve since learned the importance of being gentle with my skin, and I’ve expanded my exfoliating routine to enzyme-based products, which work fantastically … Continue reading little barn Apothecary: passion fruit+rose enzymatic exfoliant mask

My skin’s new best friend: the Elevare+

  Anti-aging. We’re all familiar with the concept. It’s everywhere – Magazines, creams, the latest celebrity  dermatology obsessions (hello vampire facials) and how to fight it. The truth is, aging happens to all of us, and it’s a privilege! Aging means you’ve lived to see another day, and that is something none of us should take for granted. However, as I approach 30, I want … Continue reading My skin’s new best friend: the Elevare+

The Great Deodorant Dilemma

  Over the years, I’ve tried various methods of deodorizing myself after switching away from conventional deodorants. Finding a deodorant, especially in the natural beauty  world, is definitely not a one size fits all kind of deal. Venturing away from familiar territory is scary when it comes to our signature natural aroma. A scent is worth a thousand words: you just hope they’re good ones. … Continue reading The Great Deodorant Dilemma