Physicians Formula Fake Out Organic Mascara

You know what has been hard about switching to clean beauty? The lack of drugstore products available. While it seems like retailers are trying to expand the availability of products, what is available in stores is still much more expensive than most drugstore makeup. Also, I have the hardest time finding non-smudging mascaras and have tried a majority of the small selection of clean mascaras in drugstores. … Continue reading Physicians Formula Fake Out Organic Mascara

Urban Forest Perfume Co. Reviews

I first saw Urban Forest Perfume Co. while perusing Instagram for natural perfumes. Finding natural perfumes has been no picnic, especially ones in a spray format vs. a roll on. I was fortunate to have the luxury of sampling these beautiful fragrances, and let me just say, it was love at first whiff. They are all completely different in nature, and so, so beautiful. Originally, … Continue reading Urban Forest Perfume Co. Reviews

Honeybee Gardens Lipstick and Eyeshadow Palette

Honeybee Gardens. Doesn’t the name just make you feel happy? Born out of necessity starting with her husband’s aftershave, it all began in 1995 with Melissa J. Buckley whipping up elixirs in her kitchen. Now there’s a full range of natural cosmetics and skin/body care available online and in some health food stores. The packaging for the cosmetics is silver or clear and stamped with … Continue reading Honeybee Gardens Lipstick and Eyeshadow Palette

Autumn Inspired Smokey Eye

The summer heat still lingers, but I’m daydreaming of fall and over-sized sweaters. Burnt oranges, cocoa, and plum shades dance through my head on the daily now, so until the cooler weather arrives, I’ve decided to test drive some fall inspired looks! On my lids, slightly above the crease, and smudged under my lower lashes, I used Berry Matte*; on my inner corners some Tan … Continue reading Autumn Inspired Smokey Eye

RootPretty Beauty Haul

RootPretty is an entirely new-to-me brand! Until recently, I hadn’t even heard of it, so I was excited to give them a try based on what I had seen! Bold shadows-check. Dark and supposedly budge-proof liquid liner-check. Long, defined lashes-checkcheckcheck. I’ve had yet to find a natural liquid liner that impressed me (honestly? any true clean eyeliners…I’d been using my old non-green liners or eyeshadows … Continue reading RootPretty Beauty Haul

Sooth Sayer & Rose Renewal+Frankincense

As promised, here’s an update to these two skincare treats! I’m in Texas for almost a week and when I travel, I pack light; I despise checking bags. So to aid in my minimalist packing, I packed two of my samples from Living Libations that I’ve been holding on to for just this sort of instance! First up: the SoothSayer Serum. I usually use the … Continue reading Sooth Sayer & Rose Renewal+Frankincense