True Skin Serum Foundation: Ilia

When I received a sample of the Ilia True Skin Foundation, I rationed it as if it were a scarcity that could disappear and never return - it was absolute love at first swipe. Thankfully, it doesn't take much to cover your entire face, but this was an immediate must-have purchase for me after sampling!... Continue Reading →

Manasi 7 Skin Enhancer

I had the opportunity to try the Manasi 7 All Over Color and was so highly impressed by the lines dedication to sustainability (and not to mention a top notch luxury product) that I had to try more! Meet the Skin Enhancer: a concentrated, multi-function product designed to beautify and perfect the skin. The pot... Continue Reading →

Limitless Lash: Ilia

Fact: finding mascaras that do what I want performance-wise and don't smudge or flake on me is like finding a needle in a haystack. The struggle is real. While a mascara may be okay in terms of performance and not smudge, they often don't give me the drama I personally want. I love big, fluttery,... Continue Reading →

Clove +Hallow Lip Velvet

  Liquid lipsticks...I have purposefully avoided them since my teenage years. After a bout with a popular drugstore brand, I was left with dry, cracked, and bleeding lips. Needless to say, that experience scarred me and I haven't sought out a liquid lippie since. Until now. After seeing Clove + Hallow's Lip Velvets seemingly everywhere,... Continue Reading →

Clove + Hallow Lip Creme

  Ever a fan of Clove + Hallow, I decided to try the┬áLip Cremes! Although I love the look of a matte lip, I love the feeling of a cream lipstick (or gloss). I decided to try out the shades Creamsicle, an orangey peach shade and Blooming, a bright pink. Creamsicle has just the right... Continue Reading →

FitGlow Lip Serum

  Obsessed. I honestly could stop there, and let that be my review, but I'll go on. I've heard about these Lip Serums* for a while and have been aching to try them. Every single person I've seen wearing them looks gorgeous: the colors always seem to compliment their skin and their lips look plump... Continue Reading →

Clove+Hallow Concealer

I am a forever fan of concealer. Yes ma'am, please and thank you. Eternally blessed with purple half moons under my eyes, concealer makes a world of difference in my daily appearance. You could say it's my ride or die, gotta have it product. Literally I go from looking tired and sickly to fresh faced;... Continue Reading →

A’del Natural Cosmetics

If there's one thing I love when it comes to my makeup, it's a short ingredient list with a long wear time. That's often a tough order; however, somehow A'del magically pulls it off. If you've read through some of my other posts, you may remember the one about me being a Sephora addict. Yeah.... Continue Reading →

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