Ranavat Mighty Majesty: a Jasmine Lover’s Dream

If I could claim a scent obsession with one flower in particular, it would be jasmine blooms. I find the delicate little white flowers completely intoxicating, so after smelling the Ranavat Mighty Majesty, I was hooked. This beautiful oil blend is a combination of 3 oils: coldpressed sunflower seed oil, organic jasmine flower extract, and CO2 extracted amla oil. Minimalist, but impactful. This oil is … Continue reading Ranavat Mighty Majesty: a Jasmine Lover’s Dream


  Rahua is rainforest grown goodness, bottled. The primary ingredient – the ungurahua nut – comes from the Amazon rainforest and is harvested by indigenous people. I love floral scents so when I initially smelt Rahua’s Color Full Shampoo and Conditioner, I fell in love. It’s a beautiful clean gardenia scent. This lathers well, but it isn’t the most bubbly shampoo which if you’ve switched … Continue reading Rahua