Makeup Fit for a Goddess: Eye of Horus

Ancient Egypt continues to inspire modern beauty rituals and trends. Kohl eyeliner, red pigments crushed and used as lip and cheek colors, and milk and honey baths are all popular in today’s culture, and Eye of Horus Cosmetics upholds ancient recipes in their formulas for a true touch of Egypt. Moringa oil is prized in many of their products for its high antioxidant content. The … Continue reading Makeup Fit for a Goddess: Eye of Horus

Elate: Capsule Palette + Lippie

  One of my initial mascaras I tried when switching to clean beauty belonged to none other than Elate. The bamboo packaging called out to me initially, and the formula kept me coming back for it’s long wear time and bold look. It comes as no surprise that when I saw the bamboo palettes, I absolutely pined over having one! Eco-chic, super sleek, and customizable … Continue reading Elate: Capsule Palette + Lippie

Honest Review about Honest Beauty Mascara

  Mascara junkie, checking in here. I am obsessed with trying mascaras and feel like I’m on the forever hunt for the perfect mascara. I love the way it can open up your eyes and make you look instantly more alert and perky. My eyes have a deep set crease, so I often run into smudges on my upper brow bone. If a mascara can wow me … Continue reading Honest Review about Honest Beauty Mascara