Liquid Skin Tint by Clove + Hallow

I’m a combination skinned gal, who gets oily as the day goes on. Some days it’s the battle of the blot and I’m constantly dabbing my T-zone to remove excess oil, so mattifying foundations are always a plus in my book. I’m a Clove + Hallow girl through and through, so you can imagine my excitement when they launched their first liquid foundation! It promises … Continue reading Liquid Skin Tint by Clove + Hallow

All that Glitters: the Inconvenient Truth About Your Makeup

*Me, age 14, see below for details   Most shimmery and sparkly makeup contains an ingredient called mica, a natural mineral sourced from the earth. It is also used in electronics industry as an insulator. The problem with this beautiful, natural ingredient? Child labor. Roughly 60% of all the mica harvested world-wide comes from India where there are few laws protecting the children who often … Continue reading All that Glitters: the Inconvenient Truth About Your Makeup

W3ll People Expressionist Pro Mascara

The W3ll People Expressionist mascara has received so much hype over the years, I’m not sure why I waited so long to try it! It’s in a sleek metal tube and has a football shaped plastic applicator. This is probably my favorite part of it! Because of the way the bristles are shaped, it easily maneuver around the inner and outer corners of the eyes … Continue reading W3ll People Expressionist Pro Mascara

Glossier Play Nite Shine

Glossier: the brand that doesn’t get enough credit in the clean beauty space. It isn’t touted as clean beauty per say, but most of their formulas rank low in the EWG database. It is not super natural necessarily, however their products are high performance. I love Glossier’s concept of letting your natural beauty shine and the general simplistic no-fuss nature of their products. Glossier launched … Continue reading Glossier Play Nite Shine