Henne Organics

  I'm not sure what it is about finding the perfect nude lip color, but it is the ultimate struggle for me. I guess because my skin is so fair, I feel like nude colors wash me out. I know the rule "smokey eye, nude lip" blah blah blah, but I always look dead.  I have... Continue Reading →

A’del Luxury Rose

Roses. Not only are they a universal symbol of love, but they make for a beautiful pampering accessory. Rose is incredibly soothing and hydrating and provides an array of vitamins and minerals to the skin. It takes tens of thousands of blooms to yield just one ounce of rose essential oil, which is why it... Continue Reading →

Bella Aura

My first introduction to Bella Aura was the Night Cellular Renewal. It was a generous sample size, and upon the first use I was really impressed. It sank into my skin so quickly and left my skin supple, hydrated, and bright upon waking each morning. I loved it so much, I started using it during... Continue Reading →

A’del Luxury Skincare

The A'del Luxury Skincare line from A'del Natural Cosmetics* is comprised of a 3 part series- Cleanse; a rich oil cleanser, Hydrate; an alternative to alcohol based toner in a mist form, and Moisturize; a  nourishing oil for your entire face and neck. I have been using these for a few weeks now so here... Continue Reading →

A’del Natural Cosmetics

If there's one thing I love when it comes to my makeup, it's a short ingredient list with a long wear time. That's often a tough order; however, somehow A'del magically pulls it off. If you've read through some of my other posts, you may remember the one about me being a Sephora addict. Yeah.... Continue Reading →

EVOLVh your hair (Haul)

I am geeking out over all the EVOLVh products I've been using. YOU HAVE BEEN  WARNED. This is a verrrry detailed post, so if you're looking for an in depth review of EVOLVh hair products, look no further! I am so excited to be able to share my thoughts about this brand because, well...it's all... Continue Reading →

Mason Pearson Popular Brush

There is an ever-elusive unicorn of a hairbrush...a.k.a. the Mason Pearson*. It's one of those special tools you hear about being used by celebrities and royalty, and you hope and dream that one day you too can have this special hairbrush. If Rapunzel had a hairbrush, this would be it. Lucky me, my sweet husband... Continue Reading →

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