Let’s Talk Lashes

I am obsessed with eyelashes. Having tried countless products from lash serums to mascaras, I’ve got several must-haves that never let me down – and a few tips to keep your lashes in tip top shape! The first thing I’ll mention is being gentle with your lashes. No ripping off falsies with glue or scrubbing off difficult mascaras. Pump some oil onto a warm washcloth, … Continue reading Let’s Talk Lashes

TOK Beauty Silk Lashes

There’s nothing quite like false lashes to really elevate a makeup look; the eyes are the windows to the soul, so framing them amply does wonders to make a statement! I once heard the comment, “always wear lashes when you’re taking professional photos so your eyes will stand out”. Since that day, I have paid heed to that advice and my eyes are always poppin’ … Continue reading TOK Beauty Silk Lashes

Long, fluttery lashes

 My eyelashes have never been what I would consider to be ‘long’. I worked tirelessly to find the right combination of mascaras to get the most dramatic lashes I could, but never felt fully satisfied with the results.  I eventually turned to a well-known lash growth serum which I used religiously for about a year. I was constantly asked ‘are those your real lashes?’ and … Continue reading Long, fluttery lashes