Full Filled Lipgloss by P/Y/T Beauty

I love the straight forward nature of PYT Beauty, so I’m stoked they have released plumping lipglosses! Full Filled glosses come in three shades: Skinny Dip (clear), Horoscope (sparkly glitter), and Influence (a peachy nude). I was curious what ingredients are responsible for the plumping aspect of this lipgloss since it doesn’t sting. As it turns out, it’s a combination of a few things, particularly … Continue reading Full Filled Lipgloss by P/Y/T Beauty

Vapour Winter Solstice Duo

  I love Vapour’s Velvet Lipgloss (see my original review here) so when the Winter Solstice Collection of a Velvet and a Highlighter was launched I became giddy! The Velvet Lipgloss comes in the shade Lavish, a purple/red plum shade and gives a sheer wash of hydrating shine. I love the texture and hydration of these balmy glosses! The Halo Illuminator comes in the shade … Continue reading Vapour Winter Solstice Duo