TOK; Take Two

It's been a bit since my last blog about TOK Beauty, the Canadian born brand with a penchant for beautiful handmade silk lashes. Not only is this line revolutionary being the first line to create silk magnetic lashes, I was able to get more insight from the creator, Tara, herself! Since my last post, the... Continue Reading →

Full Filled Lipgloss by P/Y/T Beauty

I love the straight forward nature of PYT Beauty, so I'm stoked they have released plumping lipglosses! Full Filled glosses come in three shades: Skinny Dip (clear), Horoscope (sparkly glitter), and Influence (a peachy nude). I was curious what ingredients are responsible for the plumping aspect of this lipgloss since it doesn't sting. As it... Continue Reading →

Crunchi Lips

  I am a mega fan of the Crunchi Beautifully Flawless foundation - and the entire Crunchi philosophy - so I was really curious about their lip products! I partnered up with my go-to Crunchi gal, Erica Davis, to bring you this lipstick and gloss review! Crunchi Lipsticks are made with super natural ingredients. They... Continue Reading →

FitGlow Lip Serum

  Obsessed. I honestly could stop there, and let that be my review, but I'll go on. I've heard about these Lip Serums* for a while and have been aching to try them. Every single person I've seen wearing them looks gorgeous: the colors always seem to compliment their skin and their lips look plump... Continue Reading →

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