Gateaux by Florescent

Finding natural perfumes can be really difficult. Many that I've tried smell less like a true perfume and much more like an essential oil blend: there's nothing wrong with that but I personally am a perfume aficionado. I want my natural, green, clean perfume to smell like a perfume! Florescent is dedicated to creating natural,... Continue Reading →

Urban Forest Perfume Co. Reviews

I first saw Urban Forest Perfume Co. while perusing Instagram for natural perfumes. Finding natural perfumes has been no picnic, especially ones in a spray format vs. a roll on. I was fortunate to have the luxury of sampling these beautiful fragrances, and let me just say, it was love at first whiff. They are... Continue Reading →

Ellis Brooklyn Myth Perfume

Ellis Brooklyn Myth*: my newest obsession. Why hadn't I ever seen or heard of this brand before??? The full-sized bottles were elegant; the gold lettering jumping off the matte black label, a heavy-looking black cap adorning the top. A quick scan of the page led me to the name Bee Shapiro, the creator of Ellis... Continue Reading →

Can we talk about fragrance?

When I was a little girl, I loved going with my mom to Ulta. That's where my initial love of beauty came from but especially my love of perfumes and all things that smell good! Does anyone else remember Calgon body sprays? I couldn't get enough of them, specifically Turquoise Seas. Once I hit middle... Continue Reading →

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