Meet Henry Rose

Prior to switching to clean beauty - and clean perfumes - I was a borderline perfume hoarder. Spending hours in Sephora's perfume section was not uncommon for me as I perused the latest selections. Learning the notes, the creative vision behind the brands, and actually smelling the creations...I found it to be titillating. The more... Continue Reading →

Moena 12|69 – Carta Fragrances

I'm a believer that the best things in life are created out of desire for change and genuine love; Carta Fragrances Moena 12|69 is exactly that. Heather D'Angelo traveled deep into the Tambopata province of the Peruvian rainforest with Camino Verde to meet the star of her fragrance - Moena Alcanfor. Camino Verde is an... Continue Reading →

Vered Divinité

Famed New York esthetician Vered Back is the master creator behind VERED organic Botanicals. Several years ago, I recall seeing an article about her and her hand crafted skincare and perfumes. At the time, I was just beginning my transition to clean beauty and searching far and wide for products and solutions. Fast forward several... Continue Reading →

Kahina Giving Beauty: Fez & Essaouira

Fez and Essaouira: the two fragrant offerings from Kahina Giving Beauty. Inspired by the ancient Moroccan city and sunny beachside town, these two fragrances capture the spirit of their cities namesakes. Essaouira, the lighter of the two fragrances, opens with a geranium explosion; a citrus-like floral note. When I first sniff the bottle, this is... Continue Reading →

Abbott NYC: Telluride

  Adventurers Jose Alvarez and Michael Pass created Abbott NYC with the idea of capturing scent memories in fragrance form. Their deep love for the outdoors and environment inspires their collection; mountains, deserts, lush forests, and oceans are all poured into the heart and soul of Abbott. The noses behind the fragrances are Antoine Lie... Continue Reading →

D’Antonio Solid Perfumes

Perfume has always had a transcendental quality for me; just a bit, and suddenly I am ready to take anything on. It's like confidence in a bottle, and it's always the final step in my routine before I address the day. Some would say a picture is worth a thousand words - I would say... Continue Reading →

Harvey Prince Perfumes

My first introduction to Harvey Prince Perfumes came several years ago: I received a small rollerball of Hello, a bright cheery citrus based fragrance. This was long before my clean beauty journey began. Little did I know, we'd meet again. I received the perfume Sincerely. It's described as 'The scent that transports you'. Oh girl,... Continue Reading →

Pour le Monde Perfumes

    Pour le Monde: For the World. Ever on the hunt for natural fragrances, I stumbled upon Pour le Monde and was instantly captivated by their clean and elegant packaging. 3 clear bottles with pastel labels called out to me, and I wanted to know more. I received a sampler trio ($23) of their... Continue Reading →

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