Mastering the ‘At Home Blowout’ That’s Worthy of the Salon!

View this post on Instagram I've broken down the process step by step to achieve smooth and shiny-yet still voluminous hair that lasts for days! In damp hair, apply @evolvh SmartVolume Leave-in and a quarter size amount of TotalControl Styling Cream. Comb through to evenly distribute – I like using a @thewetbrush . This preps the hair with a cocktail of products that add heat … Continue reading Mastering the ‘At Home Blowout’ That’s Worthy of the Salon!

EVOLVh SmartColor

Dear EVOLVh, I love you forever and ever. Amen. Much like my beloved UltraShine Shampoo and Conditioner, the SmartColor line has my seal of approval as well. As an unnatural redhead (surprise!), I greatly appreciate anything that helps my color last longer. I find the original shampoo and conditioner make my hair look better for longer periods in between washes than many of the other … Continue reading EVOLVh SmartColor

EVOLVh UltraRepair Masque as a pre-color treatment

I’ve colored my hair for the last 15 years pretty religiously. I’ve learned so much throughout that time, especially after getting my cosmetology license. I’m always happy to share when I discover something hair-changing, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret I learned during my interview with Boris Oak, founder of EVOLVh… The UltraRepair Masque makes an amazing pre-haircolor treatment. It adds … Continue reading EVOLVh UltraRepair Masque as a pre-color treatment

Boris Oak & SmartBody by EVOLVh

  I first found EVOLVh hair products while living in Fort Worth, Texas. I came across the line in a small store called Natural Grocers; one of my first ever blog pieces was about those products. I never dreamed I’d be sitting across from the founder a year later to learn more about his company! Life is funny like that sometimes. Boris and I met … Continue reading Boris Oak & SmartBody by EVOLVh

EVOLVh SmartVolume & SuperFinish

As a licensed hairdresser, and I’ll admit, an absolute product junkie, you know I’ve tried a lot of products over the years; and not just on my own hair. I’ve worked with every texture you can think of (personally? I LOVE uber curly hair; alas I was blessed with very very straight hair). Given the texture of my own hair, finding products that give it … Continue reading EVOLVh SmartVolume & SuperFinish