Elate: Capsule Palette + Lippie

  One of my initial mascaras I tried when switching to clean beauty belonged to none other than Elate. The bamboo packaging called out to me initially, and the formula kept me coming back for it’s long wear time and bold look. It comes as no surprise that when I saw the bamboo palettes, I absolutely pined over having one! Eco-chic, super sleek, and customizable … Continue reading Elate: Capsule Palette + Lippie

A long-wearing natural mascara? I found it.

Ask anyone who knows me and you’ll quickly find out… I love big, plush, could cause hurricane-force-winds when you blink eyelashes. I’ve tried just about every mascara I’ve ever seen (no joke, the lady at Sephora kept recommending mascara after mascara and finally gave up when she realized I had tried them all already). Transitioning to green beauty has meant rebuilding my makeup collection piece … Continue reading A long-wearing natural mascara? I found it.