Going Crunchi (with My Foundation, that is)

If you’ve ever perused the hashtag #cleanbeauty, you’re bound to have seen the brand Crunchi at least once. Their products are high performance, and I’ve had the opportunity to sample quite a few thanks to Erica Davis (Insta: toxinfree_mama). The brand has a cult following among those who are aiming to clean up their beauty routines, and for good reason – the brand as a … Continue reading Going Crunchi (with My Foundation, that is)

JORD: Eco-Luxe Meets Modern Minimalism

These timepieces are striking yet simple. In a sea of watches, you are guaranteed to find nothing else like it alongside it’s metal or leather counterparts. Beyond it’s distinctive looks, the sourcing of the materials for JORD timepieces makes it unique; the wood is sourced from fallen trees or furniture scraps making it an environmentally friendly choice accessory. I have the Frankie in the Koa … Continue reading JORD: Eco-Luxe Meets Modern Minimalism

Transform Your Wardrobe with Encircled

  Mindful. That’s not a word that often pops into people’s minds when it comes to their clothing, but it should be, and Encircled is working to make that a reality.   Born in Canada, Encircled is the brainchild of Kristi Soomer who dreamt up the brand in her kitchen after jetsetting over 100,000 miles per year. She needed a travel friendly wardrobe that could … Continue reading Transform Your Wardrobe with Encircled

Alima Pure Haul: foundation, bronzer, lipstick, pressed eyeshadow

  Glossy black packaging. Minimalist ingredients. And a whole lotta color payoff. That’s what you can expect from Alima Pure. This sleek brand believes in inspiring a woman’s confidence by using the purest ingredients in their cosmetics. Can we also take a moment to appreciate that they are a certified B-Corp, have a neutral carbon footprint (for 10 years straight, I might add), have refillable … Continue reading Alima Pure Haul: foundation, bronzer, lipstick, pressed eyeshadow

Tiila Abbit: Founder/Creator of Aether Beauty

I arrive at Ritual Coffee in the trendy Mission District of San Francisco. Tiila (pronounced Tyla) walks in and warmly offers a hand and a smile. I am instantly taken aback by her cool girl swagger – she is everything you’d picture the creator of Aether Beauty to be. Tall, perfectly tousled hair, and a gorgeous swath of cool toned brick-colored eyeshadow framing her eyes. … Continue reading Tiila Abbit: Founder/Creator of Aether Beauty

RootPretty Beauty Haul

RootPretty is an entirely new-to-me brand! Until recently, I hadn’t even heard of it, so I was excited to give them a try based on what I had seen! Bold shadows-check. Dark and supposedly budge-proof liquid liner-check. Long, defined lashes-checkcheckcheck. I’ve had yet to find a natural liquid liner that impressed me (honestly? any true clean eyeliners…I’d been using my old non-green liners or eyeshadows … Continue reading RootPretty Beauty Haul

Sooth Sayer & Rose Renewal+Frankincense

As promised, here’s an update to these two skincare treats! I’m in Texas for almost a week and when I travel, I pack light; I despise checking bags. So to aid in my minimalist packing, I packed two of my samples from Living Libations that I’ve been holding on to for just this sort of instance! First up: the SoothSayer Serum. I usually use the … Continue reading Sooth Sayer & Rose Renewal+Frankincense