Going Crunchi (with My Foundation, that is)

If you've ever perused the hashtag #cleanbeauty, you're bound to have seen the brand Crunchi at least once. Their products are high performance, and I've had the opportunity to sample quite a few thanks to Erica Davis (Insta: toxinfree_mama). The brand has a cult following among those who are aiming to clean up their beauty... Continue Reading →

RootPretty Beauty Haul

RootPretty is an entirely new-to-me brand! Until recently, I hadn't even heard of it, so I was excited to give them a try based on what I had seen! Bold shadows-check. Dark and supposedly budge-proof liquid liner-check. Long, defined lashes-checkcheckcheck. I've had yet to find a natural liquid liner that impressed me (honestly? any true... Continue Reading →

Honey Myrtle Hair Mask

One of the first completely all natural hair care products I ever used was the Honey Myrtle Hair Mask by Living Libations*. To this day, I am still a loyal devotee having gone through several tubs! My hair is on the finer side, which leaves it easily weighed down with the wrong products; but it's... Continue Reading →

Tata Harper Cream Blush

When I first started wearing makeup, I used drugstore powder blush. I've never been shy with cheek color, as I'm usually very pale and like a rosy glow; it's an easy way to brighten up my whole face! Over the years, I've started using more cream blushes. Why? Easy application and a hydrating, glowy finish.... Continue Reading →

Ellis Brooklyn Myth Perfume

Ellis Brooklyn Myth*: my newest obsession. Why hadn't I ever seen or heard of this brand before??? The full-sized bottles were elegant; the gold lettering jumping off the matte black label, a heavy-looking black cap adorning the top. A quick scan of the page led me to the name Bee Shapiro, the creator of Ellis... Continue Reading →

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