Crunchi Lips

  I am a mega fan of the Crunchi Beautifully Flawless foundation - and the entire Crunchi philosophy - so I was really curious about their lip products! I partnered up with my go-to Crunchi gal, Erica Davis, to bring you this lipstick and gloss review! Crunchi Lipsticks are made with super natural ingredients. They... Continue Reading →

My makeup tips and tricks

  I often post about how products perform and what's in them but I've never divulged my top secrets I've learned over the years! This post is detailed and picture heavy. Don't say I didn't warn you. Diet and Skincare I cannot stress it enough, what you put into your body has a direct affect... Continue Reading →

RootPretty Beauty Haul

RootPretty is an entirely new-to-me brand! Until recently, I hadn't even heard of it, so I was excited to give them a try based on what I had seen! Bold shadows-check. Dark and supposedly budge-proof liquid liner-check. Long, defined lashes-checkcheckcheck. I've had yet to find a natural liquid liner that impressed me (honestly? any true... Continue Reading →

Plume Brow Pomade

I recently got to try Plume Brow Pomade and if you know my love of their lash serum (read about it here) the brow pomade did not disappoint, either! Fact about me: I have hypothyroidism which has affected my hair density, not only on my head but especially my brows and lashes. Finding products that are nourishing... Continue Reading →

Kosås Lipstick review

Calling all lipstick lovers: this post is for you. I recently got to try 3 Kosås Lipsticks in the shades Rosewater, Stardust, and Fringe. Before I give a breakdown on the shades themselves, I have to give a rundown on the formula. I have a hard time with my lips feeling overly dry. When I wear... Continue Reading →

Ghost Light Illuminator

There's nothing like a shimmering highlighter to show off your bone structure and make you look fresh and healthy. I can't stop reaching for Ghost Light by Rituel de Fille*. It's a pearlescent illuminator that gives me a candlelit glow no matter what light I'm in. I really love how it can be amped up to... Continue Reading →

Antonym Baked Foundation (Powder)

My daily go-to powder for setting my foundation is, well...powder foundation. Hear me out. Over the years I've used a variety of powders to set my foundation and/or concealer-everything ranging from pressed powders, loose, mineral-based, color name it. I recently tried Antonym Baked Foundation* because it looks like a pressed powder. I tried the... Continue Reading →

Tata Harper Cream Blush

When I first started wearing makeup, I used drugstore powder blush. I've never been shy with cheek color, as I'm usually very pale and like a rosy glow; it's an easy way to brighten up my whole face! Over the years, I've started using more cream blushes. Why? Easy application and a hydrating, glowy finish.... Continue Reading →

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