Gressa Bronzing Serum

The more I play with makeup, the more I realized I needed a solid liquid bronzer. You can really sculpt out the face¬†before laying down your foundation to create a beautiful, natural contour. Most of the bronzers I've ever used (both powders and creams) contain some form of mica/shimmery component. While gorgeous, that doesn't exactly... Continue Reading →

Eye of Horus Lippie Haul

If you saw my initial Eye of Horus post, you know the love is real! These products are not only highly pigmented but high performing, too. One of their stand out formulas is their Bio Lipstick which I had the opportunity to try the shade Vesta red, but now I have the perfect nude pink... Continue Reading →

Going Crunchi (with My Foundation, that is)

If you've ever perused the hashtag #cleanbeauty, you're bound to have seen the brand Crunchi at least once. Their products are high performance, and I've had the opportunity to sample quite a few thanks to Erica Davis (Insta: toxinfree_mama). The brand has a cult following among those who are aiming to clean up their beauty... Continue Reading →

Rejuva Minerals Haul (Round 2)

I am such a fan of Rejuva minerals for their dedication to using non-toxic ingredients in their cosmetics, so I'm back again with another haul! In case you haven't seen my initial post about their EWG Certified makeup, you can read it here. In today's lineup: Loose Powder Foundation in the shade Neutral, Pressed Blush... Continue Reading →

Clove + Hallow Hydratint

What is it about liquid cheek color that makes me so happy? I was a Dr. Perricone No Blush Blush fiend before I switched over to natural products.¬† I love the simplicity of being able to swipe it on and pat it in - brush optional. But the market for a true liquid blush in... Continue Reading →

Clove+Hallow Concealer

I am a forever fan of concealer. Yes ma'am, please and thank you. Eternally blessed with purple half moons under my eyes, concealer makes a world of difference in my daily appearance. You could say it's my ride or die, gotta have it product. Literally I go from looking tired and sickly to fresh faced;... Continue Reading →

Rejuva Mineral Makeup (haul)

My sister first introduced me into the world of 'green beauty'. Around the same time she was changing her food choices, she also began the quest of switching out her cosmetics and beauty routine. At the time, I couldn't comprehend why she would want to do that. Looking back though, I realize she was a... Continue Reading →

A’del Natural Cosmetics

If there's one thing I love when it comes to my makeup, it's a short ingredient list with a long wear time. That's often a tough order; however, somehow A'del magically pulls it off. If you've read through some of my other posts, you may remember the one about me being a Sephora addict. Yeah.... Continue Reading →

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