Let’s Talk Lashes

I am obsessed with eyelashes. Having tried countless products from lash serums to mascaras, I’ve got several must-haves that never let me down – and a few tips to keep your lashes in tip top shape! The first thing I’ll mention is being gentle with your lashes. No ripping off falsies with glue or scrubbing off difficult mascaras. Pump some oil onto a warm washcloth, … Continue reading Let’s Talk Lashes

Shoppable Favorites!

Sappho Vegan Black Mascara ($34) All day, budge-proof wear. Lengthening and defining. Sappho Brow Pomade ($30) Shade Auburn is perfect for redheads! Sappho Concealer ($32) This cancels everything…dark circles, acne, you name it. Ilia Limitless Lash ($28) For big, look at me lashes Fitglow Lumi Firm Illuminate ($39) Highlight & glow without disrupting product underneath Fitglow Lip Serums ($42) These are so expensive it makes … Continue reading Shoppable Favorites!

All that Glitters: the Inconvenient Truth About Your Makeup

*Me, age 14, see below for details   Most shimmery and sparkly makeup contains an ingredient called mica, a natural mineral sourced from the earth. It is also used in electronics industry as an insulator. The problem with this beautiful, natural ingredient? Child labor. Roughly 60% of all the mica harvested world-wide comes from India where there are few laws protecting the children who often … Continue reading All that Glitters: the Inconvenient Truth About Your Makeup

Meet Henry Rose

Prior to switching to clean beauty – and clean perfumes – I was a borderline perfume hoarder. Spending hours in Sephora’s perfume section was not uncommon for me as I perused the latest selections. Learning the notes, the creative vision behind the brands, and actually smelling the creations…I found it to be titillating. The more I began to research products, ingredients, and the truth about … Continue reading Meet Henry Rose