FarmHouse Fresh

  FarmHouse Fresh. The name conjures up memories of weekends of my youth spent in various parts of the hill country in Texas. That alone makes me feel nostalgic, but the products even more so. With names like Sweet Tea, and Blackberry Wine, what’s not to love about this charming line? It is southern elegance and hospitality wrapped into pretty little glass jars and stamped … Continue reading FarmHouse Fresh


  Something I am working to do more of; actively seek out companies who have sustainable sourcing and strong ethical practices. Those requirements intersect in LXMI (pronounced LUXE-ME). The entire line is built around the prized ingredient, nilotica (NILE-oh-TEE-CA). It’s an incredibly rare form of shea butter that grows near the Nile Valley with a composition of 25% higher essential fatty acids than shea butter … Continue reading LXMI

Glow up with Kypris: Antioxidant Dew & Beauty Elixir II

Holy GLOW, Batman! Kypris does not disappoint. Let me just start with that. From the very first application of Antioxidant Dew, it immediately brightened and hydrated my skin. I swatched it on my hand before applying it to my face to see if there was an immediate effect, and sure enough all the little lines on the top of my hand were plump and smooth! Delighted, I … Continue reading Glow up with Kypris: Antioxidant Dew & Beauty Elixir II

Lauren B. Beauty: Nail Couture

  When I was a kid, I wanted to be a nail artist. I would do my own nails weekly as well as friends, family, neighbors…basically anyone I came across with a pulse. I was obsessive about nail shapes and polish constantly checking out the latest celebrity trends and pouring over my mom’s monthly Allure magazine. Now though, I don’t have as much time to … Continue reading Lauren B. Beauty: Nail Couture

Butter & Me Haul

    Butter & Me…the name alone makes me happy. It’s a cheery little company hailing from Colorado that specializes in body and skincare products that prioritize the use of shea butter. I love that their packaging is made from 100% post consumer recycled goods, too! First up: Pure cleanse. This body wash is made with a large concentration of oils to moisturize your skin, … Continue reading Butter & Me Haul