Mason Pearson Popular Brush

There is an ever-elusive unicorn of a hairbrush…a.k.a. the Mason Pearson*. It’s one of those special tools you hear about being used by celebrities and royalty, and you hope and dream that one day you too can have this special hairbrush. If Rapunzel had a hairbrush, this would be it. Lucky me, my sweet husband knew I had been pining for this hairbrush for ages … Continue reading Mason Pearson Popular Brush

EVOLVh SmartVolume & SuperFinish

As a licensed hairdresser, and I’ll admit, an absolute product junkie, you know I’ve tried a lot of products over the years; and not just on my own hair. I’ve worked with every texture you can think of (personally? I LOVE uber curly hair; alas I was blessed with very very straight hair). Given the texture of my own hair, finding products that give it … Continue reading EVOLVh SmartVolume & SuperFinish

Beautycounter Volume and Shape Line

I have long, baby fine hair. If I don’t work to give it some life, it will hang limply on my head like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Precious. As a professional hairdresser, I know the power of finding the right products and tools for the job. Over the years I’ve used countless brands; searching for something to plump my hair up without making … Continue reading Beautycounter Volume and Shape Line