Meet Henry Rose

Prior to switching to clean beauty - and clean perfumes - I was a borderline perfume hoarder. Spending hours in Sephora's perfume section was not uncommon for me as I perused the latest selections. Learning the notes, the creative vision behind the brands, and actually smelling the creations...I found it to be titillating. The more... Continue Reading →

Heretic Jasmine Smoke

If I could choose one scent that I willingly admit to being completely enamored with, it's jasmine. The scent that wafts off the verdant green vines under a hot summer sun luresĀ  me like a kid to an ice cream truck. I am smitten and cannot help but follow my nose when I smell it.... Continue Reading →

Moena 12|69 – Carta Fragrances

I'm a believer that the best things in life are created out of desire for change and genuine love; Carta Fragrances Moena 12|69 is exactly that. Heather D'Angelo traveled deep into the Tambopata province of the Peruvian rainforest with Camino Verde to meet the star of her fragrance - Moena Alcanfor. Camino Verde is an... Continue Reading →

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