Vered Divinité

Famed New York esthetician Vered Back is the master creator behind VERED organic Botanicals. Several years ago, I recall seeing an article about her and her hand crafted skincare and perfumes. At the time, I was just beginning my transition to clean beauty and searching far and wide for products and solutions. Fast forward several years to present day me; blogging about all things related … Continue reading Vered Divinité

Kahina Giving Beauty: Fez & Essaouira

Fez and Essaouira: the two fragrant offerings from Kahina Giving Beauty. Inspired by the ancient Moroccan city and sunny beachside town, these two fragrances capture the spirit of their cities namesakes. Essaouira, the lighter of the two fragrances, opens with a geranium explosion; a citrus-like floral note. When I first sniff the bottle, this is the primary essence to greet my nose. However, that subsides … Continue reading Kahina Giving Beauty: Fez & Essaouira

Full Filled Lipgloss by P/Y/T Beauty

I love the straight forward nature of PYT Beauty, so I’m stoked they have released plumping lipglosses! Full Filled glosses come in three shades: Skinny Dip (clear), Horoscope (sparkly glitter), and Influence (a peachy nude). I was curious what ingredients are responsible for the plumping aspect of this lipgloss since it doesn’t sting. As it turns out, it’s a combination of a few things, particularly … Continue reading Full Filled Lipgloss by P/Y/T Beauty