Seeing 2020

Let’s talk about the vision for Wholly Beautiful in 2020!

First, I extend a heartfelt thank you to all of my loyal readers. I had no idea when I embarked on this journey how much I would grow along the way, I simply thought I’d write reviews about products I liked…boyyyyy was I wrong. What started as a little blogging hobby quickly grew into full time content creation in the form of photography, videos, and tutorials. And let me tell you; I am so busy and so blessed.

My general vision is less stuff, more luxury, more lifestyle.


2020 will be a little pivot for me regarding beauty as I no longer exclusively seek out clean beauty. After talking with chemists and cosmetic formulators, my opinions on what I personally seek in my beauty products has changed quite a bit. What most of them have told me is that the principle of clean beauty is a fallacy, a made up marketing tool to convince people that conventional beauty products=bad and dangerous.

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Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and bending of the truth/cherry picking studies to push products. Remaining true to the core of what I have always believed though, I will continue to seek out high performing products as well as unique and beneficial ingredients. This has really opened me up creatively speaking, which is really exciting! Also, there will be way fewer products containing essential oils on Wholly Beautiful as I have developed sensitivities to them in recent months. While some do not give me any issues, as a precaution I am limiting my exposure to reduce further irritations.


This year, you can also expect to see more fashion on Wholly Beautiful! I am particularly interested in sustainability, so I will continue to build on that in 2020. Something that has always been near and dear to me is thrifting and shopping secondhand. Because my weight loss journey has been ongoing, I will need to alter clothing as my body continues to change. I can’t wait to show you how I revamp  pieces with a few tweaks here and there! Because I am interested in building up my luxury pieces, I will do some online shopping on sites like The Real Real also, so if you’re curious about shopping luxury secondhand goods, stay tuned! (I’ve purchased from there before and have been very happy with the quality of my items!)

Last year, I shared glimpses of my fitness and health journey, but I held back quite a bit. I didn’t want to seem like I was trying to be a fitness guru, but honestly health and fitness are such a big part of our overall beauty. And since this is Wholly Beautiful…well…we have to look at the whole picture of what makes us beautiful. I won’t try to get you to ‘join my team’ (cause I’m not on one, ha!) or sell you on some fancy protein powder because I’m not a health coach. BUT I am more than happy to share little diet secrets that have helped me slim down and keep the weight off effortlessly, the occasional recipe, and how various exercises have affected my body.

Let’s take a look at this journey, shall we?

These were taken in 2012 & 2013. I worked out regularly, watched what I ate, and felt really dang good.


Fast forward to 2018…


This picture is SO sweet. It was the most special time of my life, becoming a mother! However, my body had been through the ringer (especially after a 32 hour labor, yikes!), and I never dreamed I’d gain so much weight. Side note…LOOK at that little cone-head!!! She was so fresh!

The end of 2018/start of 2019 was the heaviest I had ever been, and I felt lethargic and generally pretty miserable. Yes, I just had my baby, but I never in my wildest dreams thought I would weigh more than 230lbs. You read that right. 5’6″ me weighed 234lbs. before delivering my baby girl.

Now at the start of 2020, I have lost 80 lbs. and I am just barely above my wedding weight, which was arguably the fittest I’ve ever been! Sharing this part of my life with you all is incredibly vulnerable and intimate. Makeup and fashion are not deep in the sense of letting you into a personal corner of my life. This journey though, is very, very personal, and one that I want to share. If you have ever struggled with your weight – or are currently – I hope my story can inspire you. There was a time where I felt hopeless. There were points I felt like a victim due to certain health conditions, I was angry, and finally I had enough. I had to change, to get healthier for myself and my family. So…here we are! 80lbs. lighter, blood pressure in check, energy levels are back up.


You can also expect the occasional travel piece, some life pro tips/hacks, and some home updates (namely updating my bedroom and bedding because it’s looking a little shabby).



Sending you lots of love and light in this new year, happy 2020!


xo Lauren

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  1. Any shape, any size, you are always beautiful to me. I am so proud of you and so glad you are close by. I love you so much. ❤❤❤

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