Nurse Jamie Memory Foam Beauty Bear



Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Pillow.

Let me start this off by saying, I have seen this thing for quite some time and have thought to myself, ‘well, that looks gimmicky, who would buy that?’

Me, apparently.

I’m a side sleeper, and I awoke recently with a sleep line running up my cheek. You know, the kind you get after a really good night’s sleep where your face is smooshed into the pillow and practically absorbed into it. After surveying the damage, I was reminded of a conversation about ‘sleep wrinkles’ that are caused from your face pressing into the pillow night after night, year after year, causing a permanent wrinkle.

Me not being quite 30 yet, my skincare regimen is focused on prevention which led me to this funny looking little pillow. It’s a cool $69 ($79 if you want the memory foam) – making it somewhat pricey for a pillow. If you’ve ever had a Tempurpedic pillow though, you know specialty bedding isn’t cheap. I happened to have a coupon for Dermstore, so I decided to jump on it. Nurse Jamie bandwagon, here I come.

I opted for the memory foam version for a few reasons. I read that the original pillow is a little flatter, especially around the ‘C’ curvature where your face rests, and I’m not super petite so I figured I could use more support. Also, I like how memory foam feels compared to traditional batting and it seems to stay fuller longer rather than deflating.

My box arrived with the other goodies I purchased and there was my little satin pillow. LITTLE. Satin pillow. It looks like a travel pillow, it’s so small! How is this going to work out?! Curiosity pulled me into my room where I plunked the pillow onto the bed and flopped myself onto it. Laying on my side with just this pillow is a bit too low for me; I’m 5’7″. Stacking it onto my regular pillow works out much better as it props me up quite a bit. First impression: this is…unusual feeling. But I don’t hate it. There is a little ‘C’ shape on one side for you to rest your face into, and it supports around your forehead and chin leaving your cheek to hang freely in the open space. No more sleep wrinkles.

I’ll be honest, it took some getting used to, but now I don’t like sleeping without it! We took a family roadtrip and I was able to pack it because of it’s diminutive size. On a longer trip, I had less space in my bag and had to leave it home. After a week without it, I was really looking forward to having it again. Now when I wake up there aren’t any lines on my face. I find that I stay cooler while I sleep, and because it’s stacked on my regular pillow, I sleep at a greater incline meaning my face is less puffy in the morning.

These come in a fitted satin pillow case (there are many colors and patterns to choose from). I love satin because it’s great for keeping your hair shiny and tangle free, and it doesn’t absorb face products. Also, it provides more slip than cotton, also aiding in wrinkle prevention.

I can’t tell you about the long term effect of using this pillow, however, I can say I no longer wake up with lines on my face. Plus, I actually just like sleeping on the pillow itself! I plan to use this for years to come; time will tell if it’s actually worth it. As for now, I’m going to rest like sleeping beauty.


Get your Age Delay Pillow Here!

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