Less is More when it comes to Skincare; a Journey with Silk Therapeutics

As a beauty blogger, I have had ample opportunity to try a vast array of products, but when it comes to the day to day care, I tend to keep my routine simple to avoid overloading my skin. My philosophy is utilizing products to aid my skin in ‘doing it’s thing’ without stressing or irritating it. My skin is much less reactive and over-sensitized when I streamline my routine. Not only do I love a simplified approach to skincare, but I’m even happier when a product contains a minimalist ingredient list, too!

Silk Therapeutics was created by Dr. Gregory Altman and Dr. Rebecca Lacouture after graduating from Tufts University. Dr. Altman and Dr. Lacouture discovered the incredible properties of activated silk (silk fibroin) in soft tissue reconstruction. Their incredible discovery of this liquid silk has allowed for the creation of clean skincare products that not only boost the skins collagen production, but are formulated with 12 ingredients or less. Adding to that, Silk Therapeutics is EWG Verified, meaning the line adheres to strict standards of ingredient quality and purity and doesn’t contain anything even considered to be harmful to the human body.

I had the opportunity to partake in the ACTIVATED SILK Challenge by Silk Therapeutics, a 10 day transformational routine, and greatly enjoyed my experience! Using one line for 10 days straight is a great way to get acquainted with it. After my 10 day challenge, I can say that Silk Therapeutics is fantastic for sensitive skin, and really boosts radiance. I can definitely see a brighter glow in the photo on the right, and the fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes look more plump. Don’t mind the small blemish on my forehead…I had a great vacation and ate whatever I wanted and my skin reacted accordingly.

For the sake of the 10 day challenge, I forwent using any products outside of the line so I could do a true before and after comparison photo. I have to say, I have really enjoyed this routine. The only thing I felt was missing was a night-cream, but that’s easily remedied. Silk Therapeutics makes a Hydra-Rich Advanced Moisturizer, so stay tuned for an update where I try it out!

When it comes to facial cleansers, I prefer a do it all product; one that will remove all traces of oil, sweat, and makeup but also don’t strip all of the moisture from my skin. Typically that comes in the form of a cream cleanser, however the Complete Gel Facial Cleanser is a refreshing change of pace. It’s lightweight and scent free, and somehow can remove most of my makeup. I had one mascara that needed some extra attention to remove, but this cleanser does a great job of breaking down most makeup. It gently foams and leaves the skin feeling fresh.

The next skin treat I got to try was the Renewing Peel mask. I am normally pretty sensitive to AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which make my skin red and hot. As I applied this mask to my face, I waited with baited breath; but then, nothing. No stinging. No burning. What??? I was honestly astonished that my skin wasn’t irritated, yet my face still looked brighter and my pores smaller. As a society we have been conditioned to believe that for a product to work, we must suffer through pain and burning sensations, but that’s not the case – especially not with this mask. The consistency of the Renewing Peel reminds me a little of aloe vera pulp until smoothed onto the skin, and then it melts into a gel-like consistency.

Collage 2019-09-23 21_48_08

After 10 minutes, you simply wash it off to reveal a radiant complexion. Even more impressive? This mask only contains 5 ingredients. Yep, you read that right. F-I-V-E. While most of the Silk Therapeutics line is fragrance free, I feel it is worth noting this product contains lemongrass essential oil.

Further boosting the glow this line imparts is the Purely Radiant Serum. This cream-textured serum is applied in the morning to plump up the skin and aid in moisture retention, as well as locking in hydration with the power of hyaluronic acid. It also contains rosehip oil, which is rich in natural vitamin A – or as some people may call it, nature’s retinol. I love this serum because it makes my skin feel soft and supple, and it’s a great way to prime the skin before makeup. It’s not heavy or greasy feeling, and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth…what can I say, the line lives up to it’s name.

The sister product to the Purely Radiant Serum, is the C Advance Anti-Aging SerumI love this serum. I repeat, I love this serum. It’s a lighter, gel consistency in comparison to the creamy Purely Radiant Serum, but it’s designed to be used at night. This serum makes the skin feel juicy, and completely revives dull skin. The first time I applied it, I loved how quickly it sank in. Over the coming days though, is when I really noticed how much brighter and smoother my skin looked. Foundation became optional in my makeup routine. This serum contains the brands namesake, activated silk, as well as a powerful dose of hyaluronic acid and a whopping 10% vitamin C! I’ve used a variety of C serums in the past, but none with the level contained in this formulation in conjunction with hyaluronic acid. It’s a double whammy of brightening and mega hydrating ingredients. My skin drinks this up…it’s an absolute must have for a luminous youthful complexion.

The Nurture + Moisturizer is incredibly lightweight and soothing, and it absorbs quickly making it ideal for daytime wear. I feel like this leaves my skin looking almost velvety, and because of that, it’s fantastic underneath makeup. It’s not heavy or greasy, therefore it will not cause makeup to slide around. Honestly, it doesn’t take long to sink in, so you don’t have to wait to apply makeup. It contains activated silk, as well as a touch of avocado oil to soften and moisturize.

Probably the most surprising product to me in this skincare lineup is the Eye Revive because of the texture. When I first tried it, I was taken aback a bit because it was more than your average cream. It reminded me of tiny tapioca pearls, and as I dabbed it on, they disappeared and it turned into this beautiful creamy emulsion before quickly disappearing into the skin. I’ll be honest, aside from scanning the ingredients before trying the brand, I typically avoid all product details and reviews prior to trying new things because I want to form my own opinions about products and brands. After using it a few times, I consulted the Silk Therapeutics website for some insight. Eye Revive and the Renewing Peel contain Activated Silk microcapsules which allow for a concentrated dose of the activated silk to be applied without extra preservatives. (Purely Smooth and Sole Soft also contain microcapsules). This explains the little tapioca-like pearls that make the texture so unique.


Want to try the ACTIVATED SILK Challenge for yourself? Click here!


*Please note, this post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own.

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