W3ll People Bio Bronzer


One of the easiest types of bronzers to try if you’re new to them is a powder bronzer! They’re easy to swipe on to warm up complexions, as well as add some definition to the face. I really love this Bio Baked bronzer from W3LL PEOPLE because it has a very neutral base tone; not too warm, nor too cool.

Because it isn’t overly warm, it makes a great contour shade as well. There is a tiny bit of sheen, but it isn’t sparkly and just adds a nice glow. Normally I advice against using a shimmery bronzer to contour but it’s very subtle in this formula.

The formula itself isn’t too densely pigmented which makes it easy to build where you want it while still being forgiving. It’s not the type of product where you’ll swipe it on and go ‘oh crap’ because there’s a line on your face. It gives the perfect vacation worthy glow – even if you haven’t left your bedroom!

This shade is probably best suited for light to medium skintones as a bronzer/contour. On darker skintones it would add a beautiful soft glow, but may not be deep enough to work as a bronzer depending on your skintone.

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*This product was purchased by me. 

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