Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Mascara

AAAAAANNNNDDD I found a clean drugstore mascara worth sharing! This is a big deal, because most mascaras (more expensive and not) let me way, way down. I end up hating them because they smudge horribly on me, the brush doesn’t do enough to lift and fan my lashes, it clumps…I can go on, but I’d rather get to the good stuff.

Which is Aquarian Gaze by Pacifica.

Let’s start with the price point – at under $15, this clocks in on the higher end of drugstore prices, however when you look at clean beauty prices overall this is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum for mascara. Also, you can find Pacifica in most Target stores now as well as Whole Foods and other various smaller chains, making this pick widely accessible.

It comes in a simple white tube with a little decoration on the outside of the packaging. The brush is a plastic bristle wand, and actually reminds me a lot of the W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist brush because it’s shaped like a football. I love this shape because it maneuvers easily around the eye as well as separates nicely. The only issue I have with this wand is that it’s a little more flexible and bendy than the W3LL PEOPLE wand, which personally I feel makes for a messier application. Not a deal breaker though, especially for $14.

The formula isn’t overly thick or gloppy, but it does take a minute to fully dry. You definitely need to wait a sec before you open your eyes too wide, or you’ll end up with smudges. The shade Abyss is a richly pigmented black shade with no Black 2 (derived from coal tar).  It adds more length and definition than volume, which is my personal  preference.

Now for the best part – I get minimal smudges with this by the end of the day! There are very few mascaras I can wear that don’t leave me looking like I have a black eye, so having a drugstore option is awesome! (My other pick for smudge-free drugstore mascara is the Honest Beauty Mascara.) Aquarian Gaze is described as ‘water resistant’ which I also feel is true. If you tear up or get caught in a rain shower, you won’t immediately have mascara running down your face. It takes a minute to wash off, and is very similar to a tubing mascara, which I also think is cool.

Overall, I think this is a solid choice for a clean drugstore mascara! I don’t use a lot of Pacifica because a majority of their products contain fragrance, but this ticks the box of being fragrance free and high performance.

Get Aquarian Gaze here or in your local Target and Whole Foods!


*This product contains phenoxyethanol, as well as steareth-21 which is a combo of polyethylene glycol polymer (PEG’s) and stearyl alcohol 

**This product was purchased by me.

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