True Skin Serum Foundation: Ilia


When I received a sample of the Ilia True Skin Foundation, I rationed it as if it were a scarcity that could disappear and never return – it was absolute love at first swipe. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to cover your entire face, but this was an immediate must-have purchase for me after sampling!

This foundation gives such a soft, perfect finish and doesn’t feel overly heavy on the skin – hence the ‘serum’ part of the name. I am noticing a trend…serum foundations keep finding their way into my makeup box. It has a medium, buildable coverage and a slightly luminous finish that doesn’t get greasy. This is my perfect go to for when I want a  foundation that still looks like my skin. It is the ideal combination of coverage and blendability, but it also comes with the added benefit of skincare ingredients.

The first ingredient is aloe which is known for it’s skin clearing capabilities on top of being a superb hydrator; not a bad start for something that covers your entire face. It’s also made with marula oil (high in antioxidants and benefits all skintypes), jojoba oil (closest to our skin’s natural oils), musk rose seed oil (high in fatty acids and is idea for dry or sensitive skin), and baobab seed oil (vitamin and fatty acid rich).

This wears beautifully all day on me without separating or getting oily. I mentioned before that it’s incredibly blendable, so it’s worth noting that this foundation does contain dimethicone. I personally have no qualms about using silicone on my face (hair is a completely different story!), but if you’re avoiding silicones, this may not be the right fit for you. Typically I use 2 pumps, one on each cheek and add more where needed. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t heavy enough to double as a concealer for me, but I also have dark circles so it’s my personal preference to brighten that area more. I also set with powder (oily t-zone) which is why it looks a little more matte in the photo above.

I think this is a really beautiful and user friendly foundation, especially if you’ve been foundation-phobic in the past or are looking for something that looks like your skin but better. There is zero heaviness or cakiness to this and feels similar on the skin to the Gressa which I also love, however this one doesn’t get quite as dewy on me as the day wears on. Ilia has silicone, Gressa does not – it’s all a personal preference. I also get more coverage from the Gressa and often build it up like a concealer where I need it.

There are also 18 shades in this range with a wide variety of undertones. I wear Tavarua (SF2) and they recently launched a  True Skin concealer (have not tried, will update when I do!)

Final takeaway: blends easily, medium coverage, radiant skin-like finish, skincare ingredients.

Shop all Ilia here 

(Side note: I have always had the best experiences ordering from Citrine Natural Beauty and highly recommend them!)



*This product was purchased by me.

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