Travel, Tone, & Mask with Kahina Giving Beauty Travel

My first introduction to Kahina Giving Beauty was with the fragrances. I love the dedication to pure ingredients and the overall brand mission, and couldn’t wait to try the Travel Basics set. This is the perfect introduction to the Kahina skincare line as it provides you with a cleanser, a moisturizer, and the namesake argan oil. Each bottle is 30 ml making this ideal for travel.


The Facial Cleanser is rich and milky. This doesn’t lather at all and feels very moisturizing. The first ingredient is aloe which is a natural source of salicylic acid – a potent acne fighter that also deeply hydrates. Willow bark extract also contains salicylic acid, making this cleanser high in natural beta hydroxy acids (BHA’s). Beta hydroxy acids work to ‘unglue’ dead skin cells which aids in cellular turnover to brighten the skin and heal/prevent acne. Papaya extract is a source of papain, an enzyme that helps slough off dulling skincells. The cleanser also contains a large dose of argan oil which helps to seal in the hydration from the aloe, creating an emulsion. Matricaria and blue tansy (both part of the chamomile family) soothe the skin. What’s truly amazing about this cleanser is despite the large number of ingredients that work to remove dead skin cells, it still manages to feel incredibly moisturizing. It doesn’t strip the skin at all and leaves it feeling balanced. This does remove some makeup, but if you have particularly stubborn makeup you may need an additional oil prior to using this. If you’re looking for a gentle, brightening cleanser, this is the one.

This Facial Lotion is a heavy hitter in terms of everything it does – without feeling heavy. Some of the first ingredients are argan oil which absorbs into the skin quickly and fatty acid rich shea butter. Shea butter is known to be anti-inflammatory making this a great pick for conditions like acne and rosacea. It also contains hyaluronic acid which water binds to within the cells to increase hydration. The star ingredient in this lotion though is the raspberry seed oil. It’s an antioxidant rich oil that also has some natural UV protection properties (this does not make it a sunscreen substitute, it’s just a unique feature). Raspberry seed oil is also high in phytosterols which boost collagen production. This lotion targets both immediate and long term results and primes the skin to look radiant without being greasy.

The one product that has true ‘do it all’ status is the 100% pure argan oil. It is organic and fair trade, supporting the women in rural Morocco who harvest it. It is cold pressed which helps it maintain higher nutrient content; argan oil is naturally high in vitamin E and fatty acids making this excellent for restoring elasticity wherever it is applied. The best part about it? It’s a multi-tasker. I love using it to seal in my lotion at night or through the ends of my hair. No matter where it’s used, it absorbs quickly and works like a ‘dry oil’. This truly makes the skin glow and keeps the hair feeling silky. If you are looking for simplicity in your routine without sacrificing results when you’re on the go (or whenever really), I highly recommend this travel trio.


Once I discovered the power of using toning mists, I became a little obsessed. They prep the skin and improve the absorption of the rest of your products! This Toning Mist from Kahina is so lovely – it smells like roses and is fortified with soothing aspen bark extract and alfalfa. Who knew the humble little alfalfa sprout is a vitamin and mineral powerhouse? It contains vitamins A, multiple forms of vitamin B, vitamin K, and zinc just to name a few! This is a great mist to incorporate into your routine for extra hydration and skin nutrition.

The other gem from Kahina that I could wax poetic about is the Moisture Mask. You want instant gratification? This is it. It’s such a rich cream from the initial application, but it’s even better left on overnight. Skin that is dull, dehydrated, and generally stressed greatly benefits from this mask. Because it can be left on overnight, it is pretty much the easiest way to tackle lackluster skin since you can snooze while it works. It’s made with powerful anti-aging resveratrol, a red wine grape extract that is an antioxidant superfood. Resveratrol helps increase collagen and fight free radicals from environmental stressors. It also contains everyone’s favorite goldenchild, hyaluronic acid which acts as a humectant drawing moisture into the skin. Prickly pear seed oil is high in vitamin K which is a natural skin brightener as well as barley extract and lemon balm which add extra antioxidants into the mix. Mushroom and aspen bark extract soothe irritation so you wake with the most beautiful, calm, and hydrated skin possible. All you need is the tiniest dab for your whole face because it’s so rich and creamy.

I truly love Kahina Giving Beauty; the products, the brand mission, and the sleek packaging.

Have you tried anything from this line?

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*Products kindly gifted, all thoughts are my own.


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