A’del Luxury Rose

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Roses. Not only are they a universal symbol of love, but they make for a beautiful pampering accessory. Rose is incredibly soothing and hydrating and provides an array of vitamins and minerals to the skin. It takes tens of thousands of blooms to yield just one ounce of rose essential oil, which is why it is one of the most expensive oils to make. The aromatherapy component of rose is wonderful for calming and reducing anxiety and depression. (This is simply something to aid with those feelings and this is not meant to diagnose or cure.)

A’del Natural Cosmetics has a luxurious rose line to soothe and clear the skin and moisturize. If you haven’t seen my initial A’del reviews, give them a peek!

(Makeup & Skincare).

This line is comprised of a clay based mask, hydrating rose mist, and a lovely rose serum. Upon receiving these, I couldn’t wait to dig in because rose is one of my absolute favorite ingredients in products (as well as fragrance notes, I might add…I could get lost in a rose garden).

The Luxury Rose Mask comes in a powder form, and you mix it with water before applying. It creates the most gorgeous deep mauve pink hue, and smells exactly like a bright rose with big velvety petals. It’s a medium consistency meaning it isn’t so thin it slides off your face, nor is it so thick you need to wipe it off with a cloth before washing it off. This leaves the skin feeling soft, clean, and hydrated. My pores look nice and tight after using this as well. As someone with somewhat sensitive skin, I did not find this to be as drying or irritating as some clay masks can be. This is a love it mask for me.

I love hydrating mists for a variety of reasons; they are the first step post cleanse to prep the skin for my moisturizer, as a medium while applying makeup to keep the skin hydrated, and as a refresher throughout the day. This Rose Mist is absolutely divine! Much like the initial mist from the Luxury line, this mist also contains glycerin as a humectant. The rose scent is so delicate and just plain happy. Don’t get me wrong, I love lavender (the original scent), but this rose is just…mmmm!

The final goody in the new Luxury Rose collection is the Rose Serum. It’s packed with moisturizing agents like jojoba oil (which is very similar to our skins natural oils) and sunflower seed oil which contains high amounts of vitamin E. It’s also got ashwagandha, a potent antioxidant loaded ingredient, and bladderwrack seaweed to nourish with minerals and hydrate. Thankfully this doesn’t add a seaweed smell to the serum, because I can’t stand the smell of seaweed in products! It just smells like pretty roses. This serum also contains calendula which aids in soothing inflammation and acne. I really like this serum because it absorbs quickly and locks in nourishment and moisture!

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*Products gifted, all thoughts are my own.



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