Clarify and Restore with Vapour

I’ve loved Vapour from the very start, so I was so excited to try the Clarity Oil Cleanser and the Essence Restorative Night Treatment. I’ve only used their makeup until trying these two oils, but much like my love for their makeup, these skincare picks are easy to love, too.

I’m a huge supporter of oil cleansing. Surprisingly, it’s the perfect way to balance overly oily skin as well as remove stubborn makeup. The Clarity Oil is a pretty simple and straightforward blend of entirely certified organic oils: sunflower, castor, jojoba, camellia, borage, helichrysum extract, horsetail extract, and rosemary extract. I would best describe this blend as a medium weight oil – it isn’t as heavy feeling as some oil cleansers that I’ve used in the past. It doesn’t clog my skin either, and it removes all of my makeup without a trace. The scent is light and herbal which I find therapeutic and soothing. I wet a wash cloth, apply a pump or two of oil and massage off all my makeup, then rinse well and pat dry. This is a fantastic option if you’re new to oil cleansing.

If I have to choose one word to describe the Essence Nourishing night oil, it would be powerhouse. Some of the most antioxidant rich oils are combined in this blend like prickly pear, pomegranate, seabuckthorn, and even reishi mushroom extract. I was intrigued by the reishi mushroom extract: it’s a superfood that helps combat wrinkles and slows aging. The Essence also contains rock rose oil which personally I love the scent of (sweet, and a little warm and spicy), so this oil is an absolute treat at the end of the day! Rock rose is great for reducing inflammation as well as moisturizing dry skin. I use a small pump of this pat on over my nightly serum to really lock in hydration. This leaves my skin brighter in the morning and feeling so supple. I would say this oil is best suited for dry or aging skintypes as it’s heavier. My skin is combination, so I use a small amount because this oil has anti-aging properties. I personally don’t mind something heavier at night. If you’re searching for high quality organic skincare oils, Vapour has you covered.

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*Note: items were gifted. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


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