Going Crunchi (with My Foundation, that is)

If you’ve ever perused the hashtag #cleanbeauty, you’re bound to have seen the brand Crunchi at least once. Their products are high performance, and I’ve had the opportunity to sample quite a few thanks to Erica Davis (Insta: toxinfree_mama). The brand has a cult following among those who are aiming to clean up their beauty routines, and for good reason – the brand as a whole only scores a 1-2 rating on the beloved research tool, Skin Deep (via the Environmental Working Group). Receiving a score of 1-2 means that they are considered ‘low hazard’ as scores can range between 1-10, a 10 being the most hazardous rating a product or ingredient can receive.

In fact, Crunchi has a list of ingredients they ‘blacklist’ that other brands still use in clean beauty products. Beyond that, I once asked Erica if she knew where the mica was sourced from in their products because mica is often collected via child labor. She was able to reach out and found that Crunchi sources their mica from Japan where they don’t use child labor. The rest of the response went on to say “All of our ingredients are supplied from highly reputable, ethically maintained U.S. companies who source ingredients from within the U.S. and around the world.” Personally, knowing this detail makes me love them even more as a company, as many brands can’t or won’t tell you where their ingredients are sourced from. Transparency always scores extra brownie points in my book.

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 I eventually decided I had to have a full sized bottle of the foundation because it’s just that good! It applies as a medium to full coverage, and doesn’t sink into my pores or fine lines. In fact, it has a blurring effect overall. There are some days when I don’t even need to apply concealer after applying this foundation, nor do I always need to set it. The finish is on the satin to matte side, which wears really well on my combination skin. I tend to get more oily through my t-zone as the day goes on (forehead, chin, and nose). When I wear my Crunchi, I don’t get terribly oily though, even when I forgo setting it with powder.

I’ll never forget the first time I wore this foundation, my husband commented on how nice my skin looked. Truth be told, I consider that to be a testament to how beautiful this foundation is because there have been times I’ve drastically changed my hair and he didn’t notice. It. Is. THAT. Good! People will notice how beautiful your skin looks and they will tell you. Pinky promise. This foundation gives this sort of ‘I woke up like this’ perfection that I love from my foundations.

The only major drawback I can see in terms of foundation is the somewhat limited shade range. There are only 6 shades total. While this isn’t a problem for me, I know many women who wouldn’t be able to wear this foundation because of that. Hopefully the line will continue to expand to be more inclusive.

Stay tuned, more Crunchi goodness coming soon!


If you need some Crunchi, shop with Erica here! Tell her Lauren sent you 😉


*Note, this was purchased by me after initially trying a sample. I love Crunchi products!


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