FarmHouse Fresh



FarmHouse Fresh.

The name conjures up memories of weekends of my youth spent in various parts of the hill country in Texas. That alone makes me feel nostalgic, but the products even more so. With names like Sweet Tea, and Blackberry Wine, what’s not to love about this charming line? It is southern elegance and hospitality wrapped into pretty little glass jars and stamped paper.

It’s no wonder it feels so familiar: this line hails from the Lone Star State! This award winning line is entirely U.S.A. made, with close to 98% of it being made in Texas. Oprah first acknowledged this line in 2005 saying “Here’s a trio of foot scrubs that smell so good, I want to serve them over berries! Since then, the line has continued to win countless awards and accolades such as Redbooks Most Valuable Beauty Product Award, Southern Living Magazines Beauty Award, Essence Best in Black Beauty Awards, and Elle Canada Hot List among many. It is a top favorite in many American spas and hotels.

FarmHouse Fresh also supports animal rescue as the ranch itself is a sanctuary. The leftover fruit and veggie pulp from creating products is fed to the chickens. How’s that for minimal waste?

Sand Your Ground ($37) is a special two in one hybrid product: it acts as both an exfoliator and a mask! I love multitaskers. This particular product is made with ground pumice for the exfoliating component. I was worried at first that this would be too harsh, but it was more gentle than I expected (I would still advise to be gentle while buffing). The other rockstar ingredient is Red Arizona Montmorillonite Clay which lends to the pinkish hue. After you’ve exfoliated, simply leave it on the skin to dry and rinse. This left my skin looking so bright and feeling so soft and nearly poreless! It also smells delicious (sited as notes of fig, red berries, and some woody notes: parfum* is listed as naturally derived on the packaging).

I have made my own DIY lip scrubs in the past, but they were never as delicious as the Blackberry Wine Lip Polish ($15)! This one is surprisingly hydrating while it exfoliates, plus it smells like a decadent dessert wine…YUM. I was definitely surprised that while I scrubbed it started looking super white and pasty on my lips! No worries though, simply tissue it of and you’re left with baby soft lips that don’t feel irritated afterwards. (Note: this product contains beeswax.)

The Sweet Tea Shea Butter Bar Soap ($11.50) is a real treat! This makes lots of suds and doesn’t leave the skin feeling stripped or tight. My husband actually really loves this soap! He isn’t always vocal about what’s in our shower, but he made a point to tell me how much he liked this particular bar! I will note, it’s pretty heavily fragranced, but the Farm House Fresh website states all of their fragrances are phthalate-free.

I’ve definitely enjoyed this sweet little southern line!

Have you tried any FarmHouse Fresh?


*Product kindly gifted, all thoughts are my own. 


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