Something I am working to do more of; actively seek out companies who have sustainable sourcing and strong ethical practices. Those requirements intersect in LXMI (pronounced LUXE-ME).

The entire line is built around the prized ingredient, nilotica (NILE-oh-TEE-CA). It’s an incredibly rare form of shea butter that grows near the Nile Valley with a composition of 25% higher essential fatty acids than shea butter as well as vitamin crystals that dissolve into the skin on contact. This primary ingredient is at the core of all  LXMI products to transform your skin into it’s most supple and luminous form. Nilotica is actually a fruit best described as an avocado/mango hybrid. The Nilotica butter is extracted and cold pressed from the seed of the fruit.

From the website: “LXMI is named after the founder’s favorite Hindu goddess, whose four hands are thought to represent prosperity, liberation, morality, and love – two giving hands and two receiving hands.” Initially, I thought the logo was just pretty. However when I looked again, I realized they were hands! How clever is that?

Beyond the Reserve ingredients, the brand is founded on strong humanitarian principles. The people who harvest the nilotica in Uganda are paid 3x the livable wages to positively impact the community and reduce poverty, malnutrition, and human trafficking. Not only are the ingredients in LXMI incredible for the skin, but the overall altruistic nature of this brand has won my heart.


I was sent the Deep Hydration sheet mask, Pure Nilotica Melt, and the Nilotica Lip Melt.

I haven’t used many sheet masks, but I really love this one ($8)! This is the perfect mask to give you a Hollywood starlet glow, truly. The mask is soaked in a deeply hydrating serum with a large dose of the nilotica reserve and a few different citrus peel oils to help brighten the skin. This mask doesn’t slip around once it’s applied, and after 15 minutes or so simply peel it off and pat the skin dry. I was really surprised how radiant my skin looked after using this mask! It’s a must have mask, especially before special occassions.

The Pure Nilotica Melt ($28) is just that…100% pure Organic Vitellaria Nilotica Fruit Butter! It’s incredibly rich and so much silkier (and quick absorbing) than traditional shea butter. Nilotica is truly a special breed. It can be used all over the face as a night balm or to spot treat, like on the lips. I actually love it as a natural highlighter as it adds the most beautiful sheen to the face. I love mixing in some of my mineral makeup pigments for a cream highlighter, lip color, or blush! It’s an incredibly versatile product that is a dream to use. The tube form makes it incredibly travel friendly and lightweight.  This is the one stop shop product that everyone can benefit from.

I am that person who always has to have something on their lips. I cannot stand the feeling of dry or chapped lips, so I always have a plethora of balms to choose from. The Nilotica Lip Melt has earned my seal of approval! It’s a lightweight balm made with the nilotica reserve, a few oils like rapeseed and olive oil, and candellila wax. It quenches the lips and leaves a slight sheen. The signature seal of the giving and receiving hands emblazons the outside of the pot.

I absolutely love LXMI and everything they stand for. If you’re looking to support companies that harvest luxury ingredients with the highest ethical practices, I highly recommend giving LXMI a look!



*Please note, these products were gifted for my consideration and review. All thoughts are my own, and I am highly impressed by this line. 

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