JORD: Eco-Luxe Meets Modern Minimalism

These timepieces are striking yet simple. In a sea of watches, you are guaranteed to find nothing else like it alongside it’s metal or leather counterparts. Beyond it’s distinctive looks, the sourcing of the materials for JORD timepieces makes it unique; the wood is sourced from fallen trees or furniture scraps making it an environmentally friendly choice accessory.

I have the Frankie in the Koa and Ash finish. It’s a beautiful medium russet toned watch with a smokey gray face. This watch pairs beautifully with everything and is eco-luxe to the max. For someone who loves nature but still wants to look polished and chic, this is the perfect piece to make a statement.

Each watch is handcrafted and distinctive in appearance – no two watches are the same as the wood grains are individual to the particular harvest! The overall appearance of the designs are minimalist and classic, but with a signature bold twist. A JORD is sure to make a lasting impression on all who see it.

The watches are not waterproof so submerging them in water is ill advised. However, the occasional splash while washing your hands isn’t a crisis; simply pat dry to prevent the wood from swelling. The timepieces are conditioned with tung oil, and it is suggested to maintain your watch with either tung or lemon oil by buffing it periodically. It is also best to avoid extreme temperature changes like leaving it in a hot car during the day or overnight during a freeze.

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