Makeup Fit for a Goddess: Eye of Horus

Ancient Egypt continues to inspire modern beauty rituals and trends. Kohl eyeliner, red pigments crushed and used as lip and cheek colors, and milk and honey baths are all popular in today’s culture, and Eye of Horus Cosmetics upholds ancient recipes in their formulas for a true touch of Egypt. Moringa oil is prized in many of their products for its high antioxidant content.

The Bio Mascara features one of my absolute favorite types of brushes: the plastic wand. What makes this brush extra special though is the curved wand that has a dual sided brush head. The inner curve helps to lift the lashes during application, and the outer curve fans and flares lashes. This mascara really does a fantastic job of lifting the lashes! Beyond the brush itself, the formula is a deep dark black and wears all day with zero smudges or flakes. If you’re like me, this is a huge deal – because mascara smudges are not cute. (I swear, finding mascara that doesn’t smudge on me is like playing Where’s Waldo.) The only drawback, and this may just be an issue I have for some reason, is that the tips of my lashes sometimes bend forward. I think it’s likely because they hit my brow bone; I find if I wait a little longer to let them dry before opening my eyes fully it doesn’t seem to happen as much. Out of curiosity, I tried the Universal Brow Lash Serum to beef up the tips of my lashes like a primer, and to my delight, it works to prevent the tips from bending! This formula is made with lash growth in mind; it contains marine algae and plant collagen. I love this mascara. It’s also 100% vegan.

Bringing me to my next product: the Universal Brow Lash Serum! This works to control and tame wild brows while depositing a subtle tint that magically works for all hair colors. It won’t add hair like strokes like a pencil or pomade, but if you have brows that need some shape, this is a beautiful product. Like I mentioned above, it also works as a mascara primer! Taking brow grooming one step further, this formula contains natural ingredients like castor oil and rosemary to boost healthy hair growth.

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The Bio Lipstick in Vesta Red may be the most perfect red. Not overly warm or cool, this color will work for a wide variety of skintones. It has a hydrating satin finish and an extremely comfortable wear. The formula has moisturizing oils and waxes (like olive oil and carnauba wax) as well as marine botanical oils made from sea algae which hydrate and plump the lips. I was also surprised by the packaging; the outer container is made from cardboard, making this an eco-friendly option. This may be my new favorite red! It wears for a long time, and is so bright and comfortable.

 Eye of Horus does not do animal testing; beeswax is in the Goddess Mascara and eyeliners as the only animal derived product (it is ethically farmed). They utilize fair trade ingredients when possible as well. The palm oil used is certified by the RSPO (a certification that protects endangered species as well as eliminates the exploitation of indigenous communities).


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*Please note, products were gifted. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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