TOK Beauty Silk Lashes

There’s nothing quite like false lashes to really elevate a makeup look; the eyes are the windows to the soul, so framing them amply does wonders to make a statement! I once heard the comment, “always wear lashes when you’re taking professional photos so your eyes will stand out”. Since that day, I have paid heed to that advice and my eyes are always poppin’ in pics.

I’ve worn a variety of lashes over the years, predominantly acrylic drugstore finds, so you can imagine my excitement to try some silk lashes for a change! Silk lashes always look more soft and fluttery in my opinion. Sometimes drugstore lashes can look blunted on the tips or overly shiny, screaming fake lashes. It’s always my goal to find something bold and dramatic but that looks like actual lash hairs and not plastic.

Meet TOK Beauty, where you can find a multitude of handmade silk lashes, including the increasingly popular magnetic lashes. I received the magnetic lashes in Au Naturel and Classic, as well as the traditional strip lashes in Tayc (requires glue).


The Au Naturel lashes are a shorter length, and denser set of lashes. They add loads of volume and drama. The band itself is slightly thicker than other lashes I’ve worn in the past, framing the eyes as if you have eyeliner on! The Classic lashes are much longer, and a little less dense and the most comfortable lashes ever. Personally, these are my favorite simply because I love long, fluttery eyelashes! The bands themselves (upper and lower) have 3 magnets that snap together sandwiching your natural lashes. They sit on the outer 3/4 of your eye so you get a doe-eyed effect. Each package contains magnetic boards that the lashes stick to until you’re ready to wear them again. The magnetic lashes come with a rose gold applicator that the lashes stick to and you simply pinch together close to the lash line to apply. It’s brilliant.


IMG_20181127_133503_053 (1)

Top: Au Naturel, Bottom: Classic

The great thing about magnetic lashes is that there is zero glue required – a major bonus if you are sensitive to products around your eyes. The trickiest part with magnetic lashes is getting them close enough to the lash line, but practice makes perfect! (see bottom for tips on how to get them on easily!) Also with these sets, I recommend applying a light coat of mascara to your lashes beforehand. I find it creates a nice base and the magnets stay in place even better than bare lashes. Then, I add a little more mascara to my own lashes where the magnetic ones don’t cover on the inner corners.

Be forewarned: these magnets hold tightly. No need to worry that your lashes will randomly fall off!

Moving on to the traditional glue-strip lashes. The Tayc lashes are beautiful and feathery: they have a range of lengths on the band which adds a soft fringe around the eyes. While they are long, they don’t look absurd or unnatural because of how the hairs are staggered. These would make the most beautiful lashes for a bride on her wedding day!!! The band is soft and flexible providing comfortable wear. Also, the Stuck on You lash glue is vegan and latex free, not to mention the first ingredient is aloe! Hello, lash hydration. It also dries clear, so you don’t have to worry about seeing the glue, especially if you struggle to put on strip lashes.



Tell me these wouldn’t be the most perfect, beautiful bridal lashes ever?!

The Clean Slate cleansing cloths are heavy duty. One cloth removed my entire face and eye makeup with zero residual makeup leftover! They have a floral scent which I personally like, and even on my sensitive skin I had no issues with irritation. Cloth packs like this are fantastic for travel as they aren’t a liquid, so you free up space in your toiletries bag!

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How to apply magnetic lashes:

  1. Gently slide the lashes into the applicator (tips of lashes facing inside the applicator) – I find that by sliding them in from the side, they’re less likely to stick to the other side of the applicator. Make sure the band has a gentle curve so they’ll mimic your eye shape.20181130_113110
  2. Slip your lashes in between the top and bottom lashes with your gaze remaining neutral. Don’t look up or down, just straight ahead and relax. Rest the top of the applicator next to the base of your top lashes.
  3. Slowly clamp the applicator together. (Going too fast makes the lashes more likely to jump outward rather than staying close to the base.)
  4. Add some mascara to the inner corners of your lashes to blend.
  5. That’s it, you’re done! Easy, peasy. Practice makes perfect. Be patient, and give it time; before you know it, it’s second nature and takes no time to apply them!

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