Gateaux by Florescent

Finding natural perfumes can be really difficult. Many that I’ve tried smell less like a true perfume and much more like an essential oil blend: there’s nothing wrong with that but I personally am a perfume aficionado. I want my natural, green, clean perfume to smell like a perfume!

Florescent is dedicated to creating natural, botanical perfumes free of parabens, pthalates, or synthetic ingredients. All of their fragrances are made with a base of organic (food grade) grape alcohol, and their fragrances are really, really, natural. Something I find so special about natural perfume blends is how they mingle with your own body chemistry; much more so than you find with a conventional perfume. It makes your perfume unique to you, but can also make finding the ‘right one’ a little trickier as well. Highly recommend trying samples first…

I tried all 3 fragrances from Florescent. Pretty Bird is a spicy-citrus blend, and the clove pulled really strong on my skin. Sundays was my second favorite of the bunch because I love jasmine in perfumes. However, the dry down went really woodsy on me. Then there’s Gateaux, which was the perfume I chose. Not too spicy, not too woodsy, just the right amount of floral and warmth. Perfect.


Gateaux translates to mean ‘a rich or fancy cake’; I couldn’t choose a more fitting name, myself! This perfume has so many components, it’s much like a beautiful, gourmet layered cake. Gateaux opens with a lighter citrus note a la green mandarin and spearmint top notes. Yes, spearmint. It’s not pungent or overly ‘minty’ but rather a light, sweet note that’s really unexpected. I don’t find it to shift the fragrance to being too fresh or green of a note; rather just an interesting, uplifting component. The top notes are light and refreshing, and after an hour or so, the middle and base notes begin to shine.

The heart of this perfume is rose. Rose geranium and rose damascena to be exact. Rose is such a classic in perfumery, and the rose in this blend is accompanied by orange blossom. Personally, I adore the light floral scent of orange blossom; it reminds me of a perfume I wore on an early vacation with my husband, having late night dinners and strolling the beach in the moonlight. These floral notes are beautiful and soft without going too powdery on my skin as rose often can.

The anchors of this fragrance are resinous and rich: tolu balsam, frankincense, benzoin, and ambrette seed. You get an amber-like richness that keeps the rose notes blooming all day. It’s a comforting warmth that keeps me reaching for this fragrance, but not so heavy that it can’t be worn year-round.

I love the way these notes all intermingle – it’s truly a unique fragrance! It’s complex and interesting, and I find that it wears comfortably throughout the day. It’s definitely more of a skin scent meant for those who are close to you – no projection across the room or strangling co-workers. It’s a slightly sweet floral (without being fruity) with a warm, cozy base. For what it’s worth, my husband has been very hard to impress with natural fragrances, and Gateaux has his seal of approval! I can’t help but think the notes of orange blossom conjure up memories of happy vacations in his subconscious.

Get yours here!



*Please note, I was gifted this fragrance in exchange for my honest opinion. 


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