QYK Sonic Zoe Facial Cleansing Tool


For years I used a pulsing facial cleansing brush, but I didn’t like how the brush wouldn’t fully dry! Not only did the sanitation aspect peeve me (hello mold, ew), it felt so wasteful needing brush head replacements! I eventually stopped using it because of both of those reasons but missed how clean it made my skin feel.

I was able to try the Zoe by QYK Sonic*, and let me tell you…I’m a fan. Because it’s made of silicone, there’s no need to replace any parts monthly. Also, because the bristles aren’t extremely long, it dries quickly. Both issues with my previous cleansing tool are alleviated by the design of this skincare tool alone.

It pulsates 6,000 times per minute which eliminates 99.5% of dirt and makeup on your skin, plus the petal shape allows you to maneuver around smaller areas like around the nose and eyes. It provides a gentle exfoliation, buffing the surface of the skin with the vibrations, however, it’s gentle enough for use twice per day.Β What makes this truly special and unique though compared to my previous skincare tool is that this can be used for moisturizer application also! This is beneficial because less product is absorbed by your fingers, plus the pulsations push the product into the skin.

It charges with a USB cord (so you can use either a wall outlet or a computer) and you can get up to 300 uses between charges!!! This makes it travel friendly, and it’s nice not needing a nightly charge. Truthfully, you could get several months out of one charge if you’re using it twice per day! (I will report back on this.) The USB port is covered by a silicone cap to prevent water from entering. It also comes with an authenticity card so you can register your warranty.

My skin feels so soft and clean after using this, and my pores look smaller. It’s also really gentle on acne. The overall shape and design makes it really user friendly; I’m really thankful I got to try this!


*Please note, this product was gifted to me by QYK Sonic*, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. I really love it!Β 

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