RootPretty Beauty Haul

RootPretty is an entirely new-to-me brand! Until recently, I hadn’t even heard of it, so I was excited to give them a try based on what I had seen! Bold shadows-check. Dark and supposedly budge-proof liquid liner-check. Long, defined lashes-checkcheckcheck.

I’ve had yet to find a natural liquid liner that impressed me (honestly? any true clean eyeliners…I’d been using my old non-green liners or eyeshadows as eyeliners because I hadn’t found one that I loved) but the reviews on the 100% Liquid Eyeliner seemed promising. It looked inky black and had a satin finish.

Also being the mascara freak that I am, I was really intrigued by their seemingly glorious 100% Lash Natural & Organic Mascara. A shorter tube with a shorter application wand, and a formula that smells like vanilla cupcakes? Yeah, sign me up. I like a shorter applicator wand because you have greater control.

And the eyeshadows. OOHHHH the eyeshadows. Much like my eyeliner debacle, I don’t have many natural eyeshadows due to them not lasting throughout the day without fading. I chose the shades Tan Rose (a gorgeous, sparkling rose gold), Berry Matte (a matte brownish plum), and I was given a sample of the shade Piper (a shimmery, pinky-lilac).

For a company to really wow me, there are a few things I look for right off the bat:

  • Quick processing and shipping because I am horribly impatient 🙂
  • Minimalist, eco-friendly packaging that still protects the product (I loathe unnecessary waste)
  • High-quality, long wearing and long lasting products that perform and match the descriptions

Within one day, ONE, my order was processed and shipped. How’s that for customer service? When I’ve placed online beauty orders, that speed is unheard of. My package said it would arrive in about 4 days, and it came a day early. Happy dancing ensued.

The shipping materials were very simple; a small hot pink bubble mailer encasing a small, drawstring linen bag with Root printed on the outside. I ripped open the package to reveal all the goodies! The product packaging is simple and clean, but the mascara and liner had very detailed information on the outside of the packaging.

I swiped the liner on my hand and after it dried I rubbed my fingers over it and it did. not. budge. What? I rubbed it as hard as I could and it didn’t move or transfer at all. It says it’s smudge-proof and water resistant but I didn’t think it really would be. Boy, was I wrong! When I applied it to my eyes, it went on easily. I applied a second coat to make it extra dark. One issue I had was that it got on my eyelashes (which are long and naturally have some curl); when I went to put on my mascara, some eyelashes were stuck together making it difficult for the mascara to brush through. I’ve started gently wiping my lashes off after applying my liner: Totally worth the extra step considering how dark and practically waterproof this liner is!

The mascara I initially tried when my lashes were uncurled and I had no other makeup on to see how it would do on my somewhat oily eyelids. Throw back to that one time I tried out a new mascara and met my new neighbors only to walk back inside and realize I looked like a sad panda! I can’t walk around like that, friends.  With this mascara, my lashes looked really long and defined, and somehow lifted even without curling. After 10 hours, I had some smudging, but considering I hadn’t prepped around my eyes with any kind of powders, etc. it wasn’t horrendous (which surprised me, I almost expected a full-on blackout). Mild smudging aside, it’s on par appearance-wise with my go to, Elate (which you can read about here). The Root mascara seems more lengthening than the Elate, which is fine with me because I adore big, Bambi lashes!

The eyeshadows I purchased are all loose shadows (they make pan shadows too, but I wanted more versatility with loose pigments). I immediately fell in love with Tan rose– it’s the most glitzy natural shadow I’ve ever used and I can easily see it being one that I reach for all the time. It’s one of those shades that instantly brightens your eyes…I especially love using it on my inner corners. Bonus, it makes the most gorgeous highlighter for the tops of the cheeks! The other shadow, Berry Matte, is very pigmented and a dark plummy color ,perfect for nights out, fall looks, and it makes a fantastic liner! Piper is the sheerest of the bunch, but it’s a shimmery pinky-lilac.

I’m very impressed with RootPretty from the easy to navigate website, fast shipping, and impressive products. This may have been my first purchase with them, but it certainly won’t be my last!


8/26/18 Quick update: as much as I love the color intensity and long wearing formula of the eyeliner, I find it’s tedious and time consuming to create a really sharp  wing.

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