Plume Brow Pomade

I recently got to try Plume Brow Pomade and if you know my love of their lash serum (read about it here) the brow pomade did not disappoint, either! Fact about me: I have hypothyroidism which has affected my hair density, not only on my head but especially my brows and lashes. Finding products that are nourishing and promote growth is a top priority since both my lashes and brows have thinned out compared to pre-hypo life.

Over the years I’ve tried a variety of brow products…powders, pencils, pomades, and fiber gels; the latter two being my preferred method of enhancing my brows. Personally, powders don’t last as long as I’d like, and most pencils I’ve used seem to tug at my precious little brow hairs. Pomades are gentle and can mimic natural hairs the way a pencil can (with a fine tipped brush) and fiber gels are fast and easy. I also find that pomades and gels control the natural hairs really well.

Like the lash serum, the Nourish & Define Brow Pomade contains castor oil, coleus forskohlii root oil, and other hydrating and antioxidant ingredients which help promote healthy brow growth.


I have the shade Autumn Sunset.


Most brow products I have used as a redhead have either left me looking like Ronald McDonald or were so ashy they looked green compared to my hair. Autumn sunset is the perfect happy balance of warm without being too dark…my brows look like they belong with my hair for once and they look natural.

The formula surprised me; in the past, the pomades I’ve used were dense and required some coaxing out of the pot. Not Plume…the texture is so buttery-soft, it almost has a whipped consistency which is great because you don’t have to shovel out product. AAAANNDD it glides on so smoothly without tugging (spare those hairs!) Somehow, the texture is light and airy but the product manages to stay on all day without budging, even in the summer heat! Kudos to Plume, seriously, I have no idea how you made that happen, but thank you times a zillion!

Also, the Plume lash curler is awesomesauce. It’s matte black and instead of having two finger loops, it has a loop for your thumb to go through and a little wavy spot for your front fingers which really helps to control the curler! Genius. I also really love that this curler doesn’t pull out lashes, and it comes with a replacement pad.

Overall, I REALLY love this brow pomade and plan to use it indefinitely because it’s overall a stellar product (especially the shade!)  I will have to report back on the growth aspect, but given that it contains some of the same ingredients as the lash serum I am very optimistic.

*Note: I was gifted these products by Plume to try; all thoughts are my own. This is a winner for me. 

Plume Nourish and Define Brow Pomade $42

**Use my code WHOLLY30 to get 30% off your order! (Code is valid on orders over $42, not applicable to limited edition boxes)**

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