Aztec Clay+ACV Face Mask

My best-kept secret to clearing breakouts: rubbing mud on my face. But it’s not just any mud, it’s calcium bentonite clay, and it will change the relationship you have with your skin especially if you suffer from overly oily skin and acne. It also minimizes the appearance of pores…score!

I’ve been using this mud mask for probably the last 6 years at least once a month, and when my skin really needs it I’ll use it weekly. I not only use it as a full mask but I’ll use it as a spot treatment on solo blemishes; it’s just that good.

Calcium bentonite clay is formed from the alteration/weathering of volcanic ash, typically due to the presence of water, and it is high in minerals such as calcium, silica, magnesium, copper, iron, and potassium. This particular clay is incredibly absorbent, which I have found it balances my skins oil production and keeps breakouts at bay while clearing up existing flare ups. It acts like a magnet drawing out impurities, and always leaves me with fresh glowing skin.

Meet the dream team.

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You can mix it with water, but my personal go-to formula involves apple cider vinegar; it makes this frothy blend at first and then settles into a much lighter, creamier texture than just mixing it with water. I use Braggs Apple Cider vinegar because it contains ‘the mother’, aka enzyme strands. Not to worry, the fizzing you see when you mix the vinegar and clay is a chemical reaction that neutralizes the pH of the vinegar so you won’t burn your skin off.

I also usually add a few drops of oil like jojoba and some skin-clearing essential oils like Zippity Dew Dab* so it feels less like my face will crack off while wearing it. Then I apply it with a brush and layer it on realllly thick, usually a quarter to a half inch thick…I look like Shrek while I have it on. Beautiful. After about 30 minutes, I take it off and follow up with a heavy moisturizer or oil like my Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever* (see my review on it here), and prepare for the glow!

Note: I recommend patch testing this before you slather your whole face with it. It’s normal to feel a pulsing sensation where it’s applied, and also very common to be a little pink after you rinse it off.

Pro tips: Start with clay in the bowl and add apple cider vinegar, mixing until you get your desired consistency (I use a plastic whisk to ensure a smooth mixture and prefer mine to be really thick! Metal will deactivate the healing properties of the mask, so DON’T USE ANYTHING METAL.) Also, use a cloth or paper towel to remove the bulk of the mask before rinsing because it will likely clog up your drain; at least temporarily.

Cheers to getting your glow on! 

*Both the Aztec Secret and Braggs vinegar are available on Amazon, and most health food stores.


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