My current favorite foundation

I’ve been on the journey to find the best natural foundation over the past few years, and I’ve tried countless formulas, shades, application techniques and time after time felt the sting of disappointment, not to mention cash down the drain trying to find ‘the one’. Don’t worry, I saved you the hassle of searching endlessly!

Often times I would try a formula that was patchy and required multiple coats (hellooooo cake face) only to be disappointed when the formula would inevitably still separate after my feeble attempt to paste it onto my face. Not cute.

Other times, a foundation would have really beautiful coverage but would leave my face looking greasy rather than dewy, which would be great if I were doing some sort of high fashion editorial shoot, but not so much for daily life. Natural foundations have been touted as ‘having come a long way’, but why was I having such a hard time finding the right formula for my skin?

I felt as if I was looking for the Goldilocks of foundations. Something with medium coverage that wore well throughout the day and still looked like skin. If I had to describe my skin I would call it combination, and somewhat sensitive. I tend to get oilier as the day progresses, especially in my t-zone. I also have semi-purple/blue undereye circles (yay genetics) that require some coverage as well. So finding a foundation that can keep oil at bay, and even out my skin tone including my under eyes can be a little challenging. I’ve also been attempting to minimize my daily routine so finding a product that could multitask and be not only a foundation when sheered out, but also thick enough to be a concealer was a top priority.


Here’s my nekkid face, notice the little half moons under my eyes, a little redness near my nose/cheeks, and some blemishes (pregnancy hormones in all their glory)

Enter Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation*. If you like lighter foundations, I know you are screaming inside reading the word ‘CREAM’. Fear not, beauties! I promise this formula is light enough to be sheered out across the face and still provide coverage, but also heavy duty enough to tackle discoloration. I simply love this foundation! I find myself reaching for it day after day. Not only do I love the formula but the packaging is LUXE. Let me tell you. Heavy-duty metal with a swivel lid and beautiful enamel embossed KW across the front. The actual case is refillable which is fantastic once you run out of your shade or need to change shades to adjust for the season; not to mention it’s much more eco-friendly than the typical foundation container you toss entirely once you’re done.

Don’t mind the well-loved packaging…


This is just the foundation by itself, it leaves a satin but glowy finish.

Personally, I like a slightly more matte finish, so I set it with my Antonym Face Powder in the shade Nude and swirled on a little Beautycounter blush from the Ocean and Pacific palette (it was a limited edition palette, but their powder blush in the shade Melon looks like the closest colorwise. Side note-if you’ve ever used Nars Orgasm, it’s a similar peachy pink!)


Right now I’m using the shade Just Sheer and when I’m paler throughout the winter months I use Paper Thin. It’s so convenient being able to swap them out of the tin! I save the paper refill packaging to store my unused foundation, and use the little wax paper to place over top, and seal it back up until I’m ready to swap shades again.

There are 14 shades of the cream foundation, the case and foundation are $68, pan refills are $40 (yes it’s a steep price up front, but after trying so many formulas and finally finding this one, the price is justified. And a little goes a loooong way, not to mention the refills are much more affordable). Also noteworthy, there are at least 95% organic ingredients, and there is no animal testing.

Available at Citrine Natural Beauty*

And on Safe and Chic*

**NOTE: first-time Safe & Chic customers can receive 10% off by signing up at the bottom of the page!


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